The services that we are able to provide are listed below. We have experience in all the area shown. Our experience includes designing, installation and service.

We offer fire alarm, sprinkler activation and sprinkler monitoring systems. Because of requests for emergency mass notification, we have added loud speaker paging sysytems to the fire section. These systems can be used for general paging along with emergency announcements.
Our approach to fire system equipment:

We use the fire codes to design a fire system for your facility, not design your fire system to the fire code, there is a difference.

Our monitoring is done by ACE, Inc. Ace is a FM approved monitoring facility. FM approval's is one of the 3 independent, Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL) in the US, who inspect indutrial and commercial fire alarm installations for meeting the requirements listed in NFPA 72, The National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code plus their own standards. One of the advantages or differentiators is that we feel that FM Approvals offers it the fact that they are also one of the largest insurance companies in the world. There inspectors are degreed engineers, familiar with loss mitigation and have that dealt with real life scenario's. When they have a change to theri guidlines it is because it has been proven to be needed, not a group of people in an office brain stroming.

The control panels that we prefer to use are UL listed for commercial applications. Depending on the size of the installation, and in most states, the intrusion panel can also be used for the fire alarm system. This feature will help reduce monitoring expenses. As POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines are being discontinued, the control panels that we like to use are easily adaptable to Internet, both hard wire and wireless.


At Able we specialize in CCTV equipment that will serve your daily missions no matter what the application. We have standard definition analog / IP all way to high definition IP mega pixel.
We use thermal inferred cameras for heat detection or perimeter security. These inferred cameras will see in the dark, most rain and fog applications.
Recording devices can be all IP, analog or hybrid. All DVR's are internet ready. Most DVR's have the ability for a user to remotely gain access to them. Some of our applications, the cameras call us when they sense movement within their field of view.

Access Control
We offer several different control systems and access credentials. We prefer the control systems that are easy to administer, integrate easily with the intrusion control panel and has software that will allow different card technologies to be used on the same system. Our systems can be administered locally thru your business computer network at another branch or at our office

Access credentials can be:

Inspection Program
We offer an inspection program for any fire, security, CCTV system that we install or take over. Because of the distances that we cover, we may use a local alarm agent.
The network of local agents that we have across the country, is an on going relationship, not a time, low bid hires the local agents are interviewed by your local facility personnel and us. During an annual fire inspection process set up for our company has been followed. At the end of the inspection, the process that was set up between Able and your company will be followed.

Maintenance oversight
If we are given oversight for your sprinkler and fire alarm systems, the sprinkler contractor will work with you, with our co-ordination. We will assist you in choosing a contractor, but the reports and invoices will come straight to you. We ask to be copied on quotes for work and invoices. This will help for continuity of the systems. If you have an existing sprinkler and alarm company we will perform these same services as a representative of you. We have the necessary people to assist you in determining sprinkler or fire alarm system problems and eliminate the cause of these issues, not patch it to save a buck.

Web access to alarm history
Our monitoring station has the ability to allow you to have direct access to your alarm activity/history. This can be set up company wide or each location independently. We have been providing this service for several years.

Web access to inspection reports
If you would desire to have inspection and or service call reports in a "cloud" situation, we will host the cloud in our central station. This will give an authorized person access to them, 24/7.

These services can be used seperately or combined in one package, your choice.

Combustible and Toxic Air Gas Sensor
All Sensors can be used as stand alone or part of a system. The system may include connection a facility PLC network, its own HMI or remote monitoring station.

Combustible Gas sensors that we install use inferred red technology as basis of detection. These sensors have an extremely long life cycle and low cost of operation.

Inferred technology sensors generally only require recalibration once a year. Because of sensor design, most applications cleaning is rarely required

Toxic Air Sensors use "gas free" electrochemical design. Since these sensors can be poisoned by liquids, we install them with a splash guard that permits the gas to enter but makes it extremely different for a liquid to get to the sensing element.

The sensor is manufactured for the type of gas it is to detect, instead of a general gas sensor and setting software profiles to determine the type of gas it is sensing.

Combustible Gas Sensors
These sensors use inferred technology, which provide for long term lower life cycle cost. Sensors are explosion proof rated.

Toxic Gas Sensors
These sensors are designed to be unique for the gas to be sensed.