Uninterruptible Power Supply's

From 625 KVA up to 10KVA power factor .7 or better. 120 VAC to 208-230 VAC is a 37 month warranty.

When shopping for an ups, there is more to consider than the price.

VA VS Watts
VA is a mathematical formula that does not take in consideration the efficiency of the unit. WATTS is the value of the actual power available from the unit. This is the value that you want to use. Prior to purchasing, look at the electrical power required for each connected device. The electrical power required is normally on the data plate and in WATTS. If the electrical power required is in Amps, multiple the amps times 120; this will be the watts value.

Number of usable outlets

Power/Surge strips are sold and accepted in most areas. However, by there nature, they are still extension cords, and it is against the national electrical code to use extension cords as permanent wiring.

Power filtering

the units that we offer are in different sizes and have different filtering capabilities.

  Transit Filtering Watts
Office Pro Good 375-900
Network Better 900-2700
Online Pro Best 700-2100
Online SCR Double conversion 4200-7000

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Surge (transit) devices
We do not offer "1 size fits all". The breakdown voltage of the suppressors that we supply range from 5VDC to 480VDC, 3 phase. The frequency range is from DC to 2GHz. Some things to remember about proper surge suppression:

Most people install a device on the front door (incoming power), however, they leave the windows and other doors open (wiring leaving the premises).
Gate operators
Power to a detached garage
Drive way lights
Area parking lot lights
Motors outside of the structure that supply's the power
The quality of the earth, ground, that the devices are connected.
It may be necessary to have a device on both ends.

To determine which device is best for your application, please fill out the following form and fax to 812.948.1782 or email.

Operating voltage of circuit __________
AC odr DC ________
if AC, 1 phase or 3 phase ___________
straight voltage or data __________
if data, what type , 4-20ma, RS 422, RS 485, etc _______
if RF, frequency impedance 50 or 75 ohm __________